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ねこねこ by かつお節


So, sweet Baldr wanted me to share more of my Endou art; here you go.

mod note!

Hello! I’m Evans, and I’m the new admin of this blog.

Some of you know that Poddo started this blog, but she has now passed down ownership to me so you can now expect this blog to be active again!

I won’t be making mod notes after this unless I need to, but I just figured I should inform you all. 

EDIT: also sorry if i accidentally post/reblog something that has already been posted/reblogged on here!! i’ll try my best not to.

【腐】ブレイク組【円堂受】[R-18] by やまねこ

詰めめ by 庄田

詰めめ by 庄田

祝 円堂監督復活 by yu

【腐】円堂くんログ by あ ま め

円堂♥ by suily